Inspired by the meeting of the worlds of sport, military and business, for 15 years we have been helping leaders take ownership of their experience with their teams to get to their next level of performance. 

Be it strategy, culture or leadership we bring human experience at the heart of your company to improve performance and to alleviate suffering. 


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President, Coach &

Keynote speaker

My name is Maxime and I grew up in Lac-Beauport in the suburbs of Quebec. I arrived at the Canoe-Kayak Club when I was 10 years old. This organization has been sending athletes to the Olympic Games uninterruptedly since 1968 in Mexico City. I fell in love with the sport after falling in the water the first time I ever tried the sport. Wow! What a challenge! I grew up in a high performance environment.


I founded CANU in 2007 to translate organizational performance into individual achievements. I look to create unparalleled customer experience for CANU's clients. I am conditioned by athlete-businessman references and motivated by my development, which I nourish through questions aimed at redefining the limits of my potential while living in the present. I have been carrying the CANU torch since 2007 and act as a coach and speaker-facilitator to reveal both individual and organizational potential. 

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Cassandra Poudrier

Facilitator, Analyst & Keynote speaker

My name is Cassandra. My journey is punctuated by experiences on the margins of stereotypes. My interest in the capacity of environments to include a diversity of profiles comes from afar. At the age of 4, I wanted to play hockey, but I was told girls don't play hockey. After refusing to do ballet, karate, swimming and white skates, I finally win the battle! I will play hockey. I realized, however, that the environment and cultural codes are not yet suited to having a girl on the team. Doing differently is not an easy task for many organization. 


With CANU, I focus on the interaction between team members and their capacity to connect with the strategy in place. I work with organization to help them reduce the gap between their objectives and what they managed to do month after month. 

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Claude Dionne

Strategic Consultant

My name is Claude and since 1995 I coach managers of companies and organizations of all sizes in handling the challenges they are faced with when they need to make decisions.

I see my mission as follows: assist the client in finding the best way to move forward, focus available strengths on the best targets and take the appropriate action as cohesively as possible. 

Some of the key outcomes of our clients when journeying with CANU :

  • Taking ownership of the codes that leaders use when making decisions.

  • Ensuring that planning & decision-making generate engagement.

  • Building awareness regarding the limits of cognitive intelligence in the exercice of leadership.

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Christian Maranda, CD

Coach & Keynote speaker

My name is Christian and I was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for 17 years first as an infanteer and then as an infantry officer for the 2 R22eR Battle Group. On August 1st 2009, while trying to defuse an improvised explosive device (IED), I lost two of my brother-in-arms. I barely survived the explosion myself. I underwent more than fifty surgeries to be able to speak, write and walk again. 


Attracted by the world of board sports, I got involved in Paralympic kayaking from 2011 to 2015, during which I took part in two world Championships.


My expertise converges on simple subjects, yet complex to achieve: leadership, courage & resiliency.