Réunion d'équipe

Team Performance


The traditional methods do not work anymore? Discover our Practice Culture and propel your team to its next level!  

Our proposition

We work with you to reduce the gap between what the leader wants, what the team understands and what you manage to accomplish, together

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What if your organization was the place where team members strived to become the best version of themselves? A flexible and rigorous approach that requires dedication. A systematic thorough training to better know oneself, others and the organization. A mindful mix of team and individual coaching.  It begins with the management team and percolates throughout the organization. 

A sequence that brings change 


Business leaders are excellent at making plans to materialize their visions about the future. But what about the present? Are you too busy sawing to sharpen the saw? STOP! 

A journey with us begins with a RESET to identify the needs, the possibilities and the stoppers.  For example, it's not because our beliefs and ways of being together are not visible that they do not have an impact on our capacity to deliver. Drawing a new starting line with CANU is a milestone in the history of your team connecting business challenges and human capabilities to propel you to the next level. 

establishing a new starting line

It's organizing and living a RESET to propel your team to its next level of performance.


A few examples :

  • Building trust between team members

  • Clarifying the purpose of the team and or the organization

  • Defining the behaviours that we expect amongst ourselves

  • Strategic planning

  • Identifying as a team our teammates' development orientations

  • Individual coaching for some of the team members

  • Modify team ritual to increase team performance

Giving yourself the means to transform your experience is walking the talk.

Developing new skills, organizing, TRAINING

It's the action plan that follows the RESET, which has revealed the possibilities and the stoppers. 


At the heart of a team culture that values learning, there's a possibility for the members to become the best version of themselves. 

A few examples of practices :

  • Provide constant feedbacks to the teammates about their contribution to the collective success  

  • Sprint Agility for your strategic planning

  • Open dialogue

  • Keeping the management team meetings at the right level

Practicing is changing the game while you're still playing it instead of in your memories.​


to embody

It's doing one small thing everyday to get closer to your goal.