You are seeking a meaningful experience for your people ?

You are preparing an important event for your organization ?

Whether you are working on the annual event for your company with hundreds of people, or working on a offsite for the management team, we can help you. 

You are looking to do differently this year ? We can assist you in creating an event that will allow you to reveal new possibilities and take ownership to act on them, now.

We can help !

Keynote Speaking, Simulations, Workshops & Events

Business results and well-being can coexist.

We generate an experience that bridges company results to human well-being by empowering the team members to be accountable for both. 

Whether you come to us to better understand each other, to be more cohesive as a team, to take care of the team and celebrate or to propel yourselves to your next level, you will experience the highest level of personalization. 

Our contributions facilitate the development of stronger self-awareness as well as a better understanding of the team and the organization. 

We create

a mind, body and heart experience.

This holistic experience inspires while generating sensations, emotions, reflections and learning. 

Between 45 minutes and 3 days, we can either play a small part in your event or take care of its entirety. 

Our playground : 

Team performance, employee experience, change management, wellbeing and happiness at work, strategic planning, mission and mobilization, conscious communication. 

Some examples of intervention

Team Performance

On water experience

retraite stratégie 2019-2025
Management Team Offsite

strategic reflection and human experience 

Interactive Keynote Speaking

mission & mobilization