The numbers

16 years in business

Consulting firm specialized in assets management 

50 billions of dollars in asset value

One of the first North American firms to be certified as an Endorsed Assessor of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) a certification for accrediting ISO 55001 organization.

Relationship since 2014

“ By working with CANU, we ended up with a coach able to watch and analyze the game, and to give us feedback on our ability to communicate while pointing towards areas of improvement. ”

Bernard Gaudreault, MIAM, President
Leader in asset management


In 2015, Planifika chose to work with CANU during a pivotal moment in the life of the organization.

After 11 years as a subsidiary of a group of architects, Planifika separated its business unit and has been flourishing as its own separate entity. The President felt the need to pause and undertake an organizational diagnosis in order to accelerate the growth of the firm while maintaining its day-to-day performance 

In July 2015, CANU intervened as a consultant and designed a half-day team session aimed at understanding team member's needs and perspectives at the human, organizational and strategic levels. 

Based on the observations and responses that emerged from this first activity, CANU designed a on-day group experience in December of 2015. The aim was to facilitate the development of the strategy by creating real-life simulations in which employees could physically experience the new positioning. In other words, give them the opportunity to embody the strategy. 

The experience gave the team a set of common reflexes, vocabulary and a collective memort that they could rely on moving forward and were instrumental to the deployment of the company's new vision. 

Furthermore, in bringing together employees from three distinct business locations to work towards a single overarching goal, CANU's support contributed to the emergence of stronger bonds between employees, facilitating teamwork and continued alignement.


  • Repositionner le leader qui redevient président;

  • Redonner un sens à l’entreprise;

  • Rassurer les équipiers et transmettre un message de constance et de stabilité;

  • Présenter la vision du leader et permettre aux équipiers de se positionner par rapport à celle-ci;

  • Prendre le pouls de l’équipe;

  • Réunir les conditions de succès pour s’engager dans la vision.

Questions for the leader

Bernard, what was the reason that motivated you to contact CANU?

I wanted to work with CANU because I had the desire to be fully involved during our development activities. With CANU, we ended up with a coach able to watch and to analyze the game and to give us useful feedback on our ability to communicate while pointing towards area of improvement.

CANU's team of professionals was also an important factor.

We were drawn by their expertise in developing unique and non-traditional workshops that could help put into action an otherwise intangible action plan. 

We see ourselves as a company that does things differently, and we are proud to bring together people from different fields. Thus, it goes without saying that we would pick a different approach to share our vision and action plan.

CANU's slogan – Embodying performance – also resonated with me. 


How would you describe CANU's approach ?

CANU’s approach is based on the development of specific reflexes to embody and to express performance in the day-to-day. Whether it’s by creating a common language or through performance-related activities, they bring a different outlook and a unique approach that can’t be compared to what is traditionally done in organizational development.

It is an approach that we had never experienced before. The whole process is centred around the goal of experiencing behaviours that will reinforce the vision we wish to develop. This approach enables people to look beyond theories and facilitates concrete goal attainment on the field.

Comment s'est déroulé la préparation avec les dirigeants ?

Le processus pour les séances préparatoires a été assez court. Comme on a peu de temps en tant qu’entrepreneur, c’est bien d’être appelé seulement pour apporter de la valeur ajoutée. Et bien qu’il soit nécessaire d’investir du temps pour pouvoir bien communiquer notre plan d’action, la méthodologie de CANU a facilité l’ensemble de la planification. Les outils et les processus utilisés permettent que notre implication soit limitée au minimum.


The first thing that comes to mind is the image chosen by Planifika to illustrate its vision; that of a Sherpa in Asset/Liability Management. I have the feeling that our input helped by bringing this metaphor to life. As Bernard mentioned, I think we were successful in having them experience the meaning of being a Sherpa in asset/liability management; the behaviours, reflexes and postures. This is how we can generate a powerful vision.

- Geneviève Vallières, gestionnaire des programmes client

The results of our collaboration

A team of Sherpas

A common language provides a base of communication and drives our day to day. This enabled us to put in place the structure to really embody the desired change and to help us build the framework for the future. Thanks to the interventions from CANU’s team, we were also able to develop tools that will help us grow a bit more each day.