REOPENING PLAN : What should I do with my employees. and why?

The end of something we have gone through is always the beginning of something new. When something unpleasant ends it does not mean that what comes next will turn to our advantage, be simple or easy. Marking your reopening as a team will enable you to:

  • help your company adapt as you generate the clarity you need for the next chapters of your story

  • help your employees remain fully committed to the company project while taking care of themselves for the next months that will also call for your their capacity to make adjustments

What to do?

You are the premier of your company! It is your responsibility as a leader to take charge of this turning point. No matter what type of change your employees are going through, each one interprets it with their own filters and thus creates their own story about the change ... It is the gaps in understanding and perceptions that lead to employee departures. In the context of a labor shortage, you will be in a better position at the end of the pandemic if you act at the following

3 levels :

01 Reconnect the team

02 Refresh the social contract

03 Reconnect with the business project

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