Accelerate the integration of the management teams of acquired companies

Premier Tech's Environnemental Technologies Group's strategy is to grow organically and through acquisitions on the international market. The Group aims to be in the top 3 within all makerts where it decides to invest. 

Our client wants to be successful with his acquisitions because he has ambitious growth goals. If he failed an acquisition because the integration phase was not smooth; he would lose time, money and energy. This would delay his other development projects and would compromise reaching his long term goals. 

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Develop your team & business model with CANU

Planifika, a consulting firm specialized in real estate asset management and infrastructure, chose to team up with CANU during a pivotal moment in the life of their organization. 

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Talents management festival

We have been Normandin Beaudry's partners since 2016 to help wth their cultural evolution. Culture is as social as it gets. Too many organizations fear losing their pre-pandemic culture because of remote. 

Here is a story of an innovative collaboration. 

A true pandemic adaptation success. 

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Leadership positioning in a merger and acquisition context

Our mandate was focused on embarking the management team to follow their new leader so they could align on a common goal. As a manager, what do I need to change in terms of behaviour so that my people row in the same direction in spite of the fact that we are spread geographically?

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Accelerating strategic change

In June of 2015, La Cage and CANU-Brasserie sportive joined forces as the restaurant chain embarked on a new strategic direction. CANU's mandate: work alongside the company's leaders throughout the process of change to ensure implementation of its new identity by stakeholders across the Province of Quebec. 

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The founder takes the presidency again

In 2010, after having been at the head of the company for nearly 10 years, the leader steps away from the presidency, leaving to the new president a rich and promising team, but with lots of work in terms of structure and organization. Two years later, Pyxis is well structured and organized, but the team members are looking for direction. The president steps down and the founder comes back. 

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